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After an extended period of awful activity, I'm trying to log in to either try and refire my RPing or to +roster my character.  Unfortunately, the site is...well, it's not letting me even pull up the MUSH to do this.  Is something wrong with it?

Note: Yes, I'm logging on through a character journal for another game.  It's what I have available at the moment.

Of VPN workarounds and horrible campus networks

So, my network requires a VPN client to do anything other than browse webpages. As the annoying information technology assistant kid smirkingly told me, Cisco does not at present make a VPN client that is compliant with Vista.

At the moment, I have no ability to log on from work. won't let me register because it times out (probably something to do with the firewalled-to-hell campus network), and WunderMU* doesn't do anything but crash on me. I can't even use the telnet:// protocol.

Does anyone have any idea how to get in? At this rate, as Vista's been out for almost a year, Cisco might not get the VPN client done until my graduation, and that would suck. As I spend 20 hours a week at work, it'd be nice to be able to get on from there every now and again.


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I'll try this here, too..

DC meetup, redundancy. There's a room posted on the bboards on the game itself, which I will refrain from posting here for privacy's sake - folks gonna be around there all weekend? Or do we want to try to meet up at one of the SW track events, or another gathering on Sunday night? I should've been more specific on the game - Vinan and I are not staying downtown - no net access while actually at the con, so we need to know where and when to meet before heading out. If you see me on Sagas and I don't respond, I'm likely just idle timing, as it were.