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SW: Sagas LJ

For players of SW: Sagas!

Star Wars: Sagas MUSH
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Star Wars: Sagas is officially open for players! Star Wars Sagas is set in what many have called the "Height of the Empire" era of Star Wars. Our timeline is set about a year or so before A New Hope, and the events surrounding that movie. Although we intend to keep pace with the movies, certain events will happen either on camera or off, nothing is truly scripted. The PCs themselves will control the destiny of the galaxy in this regard. The Rebellion may grow faster than in the movies, the Empire may remain strong. Criminal gangs may eclipse Jabba in strength far before his death. Any number of things can happen.

Our goal is to tell the stories not seen in the movies or told in books and how the millions of lives those events touched effected the rest of the galaxy. Will your character have a hand in raising the ragtag of rebels into the true Rebel Alliance? Will your character oppress countless beings on thousands of worlds in their service to the Emperor? Will you run the space lanes, smuggle spice, drink lum, and owe too much money to a gangster on some backwater world? You will decide these things.

The theme of our MUSH is simple: the star wars universe, but at the same time very complex. With our roster of pre-gen characters, we are free to explore hundreds of different stories and we invite you to explore them with us. We will create the great bounty hunters, the slickest smugglers, and the most heroic rebels. We create the bad-guys and the good-guys and meld them into the great stories of Star Wars.

To connect and explore for yourselves, check us out at mush.swsagas.net port 1138!